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"How to Teach Your Family to Play Improv Games with You"
These Videos Are Our Gift To You, but Donations Are Always Helpful
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Two Rules of Improv

If you've taken our classes, you know that the secret of improv is working really well together. (If you've NEVER taken our classes, now you know the secret, too!) 
 This video will show your families what "Always Say Yes," and "Always Make Your Partner Look Good" means.

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Gift Giving

This is a fun game, practicing saying "Yes" and “Making Each Other Look Good." 

Being SPONTANEOUS = saying "yes" to your own first idea.

Home Fooling 3

You know the rules and you practiced them, YOU'RE READY FOR SOME REAL IMPROV SCENES!
Everybody can play Experts. Be the person with the questions, be the expert, be the audience. Remember the two rules and you'll have a great time.
You can even play this game online or on the phone with friends and family you can't be with right now.

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Arms Through

This is such a fun game; everyone wants to do it right away. BUT DON’T !!!!
(sorry….didn’t mean to yell)
1st: learn the Two Rules of Improvisation (video #1); then…
2nd: learn offering and accepting offers with Gift Giving (video #2 ); then…
3rd: do 2 person Experts (video #3).
NOW! You’re ready for Arms Through Experts and loads of other improv games.
We’d better get busy making more videos!

Home Fooling 5

This game is totally goofy. Really. Goofy. Really. Schmorgat. Blango.
You can play it with two, three or even four people. Or on the phone or online.
Just have a lot of glim.

Home Fooling 6
Shape / Face / Move / Talk

How to make up a character - INSTANTLY!

With a tea party (metaphorically) for the finale.

Home Fooling 7
Car Pool

The strangest bunch of characters to ever share a car ride!

Everybody loves this game!

(Most fun if you warm up with Shape/Face/Move/Talk first.)

Home Fooling 8
Alphabet Scene

Alphabet scenes are fun!
Brilliantly fun!
Crazy fun!
Don’t even get us started!
Everybody loves them!
Get it?

Home Fooling 9
Single Syllable Scene

We won’t lie. This game is hard!
Try your best, but be brave. Dare to mess it up.
Everyone We all make mistakes goof ups.
Goof ups are funny -- make people folks laugh.
So it’s fun!

Dear Parents,
We love our work. We thoroughly enjoy bringing the magic of live theatre to you and your children.

For 30 years, and for thousands of children, we've done just that in New York City schools; in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with Young Audiences; in Connecticut with Young Audiences/Arts for Learning and even farther afield with Class Act Performing Artists. 

In Brooklyn the Gallery Players has made it possible for us to share live improv with families.

We’re not going to let a bug stop us now.

We’ve started making videos to remind our students that, even in isolation, they can create theatre and have fun with their families. 

Then we realized that anyone can watch these videos and have fun improvising.

So…c’mon….play these games and have a great time.

We will be adding to this series. Do the first three videos first. After that, you will know enough about improv to do the others in any order you want.

Feel free to share these videos.

We love bringing live theatre to people - even if we can't be there with you right now.

Stay well. Wash your hands.

All the best,
Everyone at Freestyle Repertory Theatre

Freestyle Repertory Theatre
120 West 86th Street
New York, NY, 10024
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Freestyle Repertory Theatre
120 West 86th Street
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